The Mondial De L’Auto or the Paris Motor Show is a biennial motoring extravaganza set in the heart of Europe. The 2018 edition is now open for the public and all the European brands are in attendance. Of course our favourite BMW is there too, so here’s your ticket to the Paris Motor Show 2018 in typical Eurotech Motors style.

BMW 3 Series

BMW debuted the new 3-Series at Paris this year which is the most important car at the stands. The midsize saloon is now in the seventh generation and as is always the case, it’s better than before. The new 3-Series is longer, wider and taller than the last gen car and gets a new aggressive front end styling. The thing BMW is most excited about the ‘lift-related’ dampers of the suspension that debut on the 3-Series. The suspension is continuously variable and BMW claims that the balance between sportiness and comfort is best in class. The car will be available in six engine options when it goes on sale.


Not everyone realises this, but BMW has always made some really good roadsters. And the new Z4 carries on the legacy into the future. Pictures don’t do justice to the distinctive and classic roadster proportions of the Z4. The car has grown in all dimensions but the wheelbase is shorter and the track is wider – which means it should be more agile yet stable at speed. The roadster goes on sale in March 2019 and headlining the lineup is the Z4 M40i powered by a twin turbo straight-six 3.0-litre gasoline engine.

BMW 8 Series Coupe

The Z4’s big brother, the 8 Series Coupe is parked right next to it. The flagship of the BMW stables is probably the most eye-catching car at the show. Powered by a newly developed 4.4-litre 530 hp V8 gasoline engine, the BMW M850i xDrive Coupe will soon be joined by an M Performance model in November. There’s also a 320 hp diesel available if you’re into that sort of thing. The 8 Series is an out and out grand tourismo made to take the open road, and we have a lot of them here in sunny California. But it’s also loaded with tech like carbon-fibre-reinforced roof and ‘Laserlight’ LED headlamps. This one is a complete package.


The current X5 looks like it came out just a few months ago. Actually it came out in 2013! And this is the new 2019 X5 which due to go on sale in November. Did you know it will be built in Spartanburg right here in the US? There’s that typical X5 look and feel, though you’d be hard pressed tell that the ‘SAV’ now even bigger. Of course that means more space inside. For off-road shenanigans there’s Dynamic Damper Control, active roll stabilization, air-suspension and height can be adjusted by 80mm.

BMW i3

The electric city runabout from BMW has been upgraded with a bigger battery this year. Consequently the range has increased to 223 miles on the i3 and 214 miles on i3s and performance gets a boost too. The i3 goes from 0 to 62 mph in 7.3 seconds and the i3s does the same speed in 6.9 seconds. Rest of the car remains pretty much the same, with those unique suicide doors and seating for four.