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Porsche Repair Los Angeles: How much should I pay for Porsche repairs?

Porsche repair Los Angeles: How much should I pay for Porsche repairs?

So you decided to buy a Porsche… As you should already know, the maintenance and repairs on an Porsche cost more than an ordinary vehicle, but how much more? Todays cars are riddled with electronics that make our lives easier, however, when they fail they are very expensive to fix or replace. Therefore you should BUY EXTENDED WARRANTY! Every single customer we have that is thinking about buying a new car or used car is strongly advised to buy extended warranty. Yes, they are expensive but repair costs on your car are even more expensive in the long run. We highly recommend Fidelity or USAA if you have a family member in the military.  If you drive a lot, extended warranty may not be worthwhile since they only cover up to 100k miles.

If you do not have extended warranty, get ready for significant maintenance and repair costs on a Porsche model once it hits about 80k miles. We don’t mean to scare you, some customers do get away with lower maintenance costs up to 100,000 miles but these customers have treated their cars like their children. Most of these customers have upgraded to premium oils and performed their services more often than what the schedule recommends. But lets say you followed the Porsche service schedule:

  • You should expect to service your Porsche every 10,000 miles. Remember your first service is usually free at any dealership across the country! The prices for major and minor services vary across the country. Southern California (especially West Los Angeles) has some of the highest prices in the country. The rent is expensive here!  The following prices are estimates assuming genuine Porsche parts (no aftermarket junk). A minor service, which usually includes oil, filters and inspection should cost you $235 to $380 depending on the type of engine. The bigger the engine the more it costs due to the amount of oil you have to use. The most expensive part of a major service is the spark plug service. A major service should run you between $800 and $1300. If you have a Porsche Boxster or Porsche Macan you are looking at the lower end of the spectrum. The Porsche Panamera and Porsche 911 will definitely be at the higher end of the spectrum.  

The major and minor services may fluctuate $90-$250+ dollars depending if you need the pollen and air filters. Dealerships like to sell you the filters automatically (everyone there is on commission) but we like to visually inspect them first before selling them to the customer. Some models require the bumper to be removed for air filters.  Also, every two years regardless of mileage you are due for a brake fluid change, for this service you are looking at $180-$275. If one of our customers is due to the brake service we usually cut them a break if the car is already here for a service.