The entire lineup will get electric variants

Tesla Motors may have stolen the march on most luxury car makers as far as electric vehicles go, but it is in for some tough competition courtesy of the Germans. Porsche in particular. According to some reports, the Stuttgart based sports car maker is lining up an electric only model, the company’s first, for a launch in two years’ time.

Remember the Mission E concept from 2015? If reports are to be believed, the concept will hit production by 2019 and will feature some ground breaking technologies. It just wouldn’t be a Porsche otherwise.

The four-door four-seat layout seems inspired from the Panamera and that may not be such a bad thing. Practicality will be a big selling point in early EVs just as we have seen with the Tesla Model S and Model X. Another aspect of practicality will be the range. Porsche claims a range of 310 miles (500 km) on a full charge which is just a shade under that of the most expensive Model S variant.

Acceleration time of 3.5 seconds to 62 mph is nearly supercar territory and given that the Mission E is going to be a four seater, it’s truly impressive. This will be made possible thanks to a total output of 600 hp produced by two electric motors.

What’s even more impressive is the charging time that Porsche is claiming. Company says that the battery can be charged by up to 80% in a span of mere 15 minutes. That’s a range of 248 miles (400 km) in just 15 minutes. The secret to this is the use of 800 volt power unit as opposed to 400 volt systems in use currently. Backing this up is the ‘Porsche Turbo Charging’ system.

There’s another advantage of this system – lighter weight since smaller gauge copper cables are sufficient for energy transportation. The power goes to the lithium-ion batteries placed in the car’s underbody all along the length between front and rear axles. This placement promises to give the car great balance and cornering abilities.

But the Mission E won’t be the only electric Porsche on sale. The company plans to sell an electric only version of the Macan small SUV. This might just be a great move by our reckoning. Putting in an electric drivetrain in a car that is already in production will turn out to be less expensive than developing an all-new model. Although there might be a few compromises that will have to be made regarding the packaging, it might all just be worth the effort.

In fact Porsche is said to be hoping for EVs to comprise nearly a quarter of its total sales by 2023. And since Audi is a sister brand under the Volkswagen umbrella, expect even more EVs from the Germans.