Remember when you could perform an oil change or brake job in your driveway? Well we do, and we miss those days! You could still perform those jobs in your driveway but often special tools are required. You can blame technology for that…

Over the past 10 years, tech in automobiles has grown at an exponential pace and there seem to be no signs of stopping. Auto manufacturers are going in full force into automation and alternative fuels now. Although we may be going through one of the biggest shifts in automobile history that is supposedly making life easier, it seems as though your wallet is taking all the stress.

Just last week we had a father and son come to us to perform a pre purchase inspection on a fairly new Audi A6. They had come to us with a slight defensive attitude about the dealership they were buying the car from. It turns out the dealer attempted to sell them a $3500 dollar extended warranty! The father and son were convinced that the dealer was trying to pull a fast one on them and the truth is, we don’t blame them. You just bought a new car, why pay an additional $3500 dollars for something you may not even use!?

It is common for people to want to be able to get the biggest return on their car purchase by being able to drive their car as long as possible without any major issues. Historically, this was done by finding a great mechanic and having them perform the necessary repairs and maintenance when it was time. Great mechanics are still out there, but simple repairs cost way more than they used to.

Due to the rapid growth in technology, components have increased in price. This combined with new manufacturing techniques has also increased labor times for once simple repairs. Today, you are not just paying for the part, but you are paying for the technology behind the part. This leads to very expensive repairs never before seen in auto repair history. It was a shock to the father and son when we told them how we bought a $4500 extended warranty on our shop Audi SQ5 before we even drove it off the dealership lot.

We see these cars every single day! If there is someone that knows about the costs to maintain a car it’s us and therefore we highly suggest purchasing an extended warranty agreement, especially on any luxury car. Cars will breakdown after their factory warranty… parts, just like our bodies, break down over time. If you don’t plan on buying an extended warranty get ready to pay several thousand dollars a year at the shop once the car gets older! The father and son ended up leaving extremely grateful and very informed about the current state of the auto industry. I am pretty sure they were also happy to know that their car was in an accident but the dealership never disclosed that, but that’s another story (please inspect your car before your buy it).

And yes, leasing is an option, but cheap leases wont last forever.

If you are shopping for extended warranties check out Fidelity, Western General, GE, Mercury, AAA , Geico or USAA if you have a member in the military.