BMW Concept 8 Series

Rejoice all BMW fans! The company has plans for a new range topping luxury two door coupe that will be the new brand flagship and it will be called the 8 Series. To be launched in early 2018, the car was previewed in the form of the Concept 8 Series recently. And by the looks of things, it’s going to be one stunning car. Since the 8 Series will sit above the 7 Series it will be the most luxuriously appointed, and since it’s a two door coupe, expect driver focused dynamics too.

BMW Concept 8 Series

The new Concept 8 Series also hints at the direction that not just the 8 Series will be taking but also all future models. The silhouette is typical grand tourer – long bonnet, sloping roof and a slash cut boot. Delicious!

At the front is the new, angled interpretation of the kidney grille that reminds us of the mako shark Corvette Stingray and BMWs of the 60s and 70s. The grille is quite low to the ground and wider in proportion to the car’s width. The slim headlamps on the flanks accentuate the width further while giving the concept a purposeful look.


On the other hand, the surfacing of the body work at the rear is just as exquisite. The intermingling lines and curves make the tail look voluminous. The standout feature here, however, are the L-shaped tail lamps that project out of the body and are as much a part of the shape as they are functional. The air dams in the rear bumper ape the ones on the front and atop the twin rhomboid exhausts.

Step inside and the Concept’s sporty driver centric design isn’t lost despite what is likely to be an elegantly appointed cabin. The design elements transition seamlessly from the dash to the doors which adds to the appeal of the cabin. The instrument binnacle only shows the most important bit of info – digital tachometer.

Like all BMW, the new flagship 8 Series too will get a mental M variant. And to fuel our appetites BMW has confirmed the news with the release of some images of the prototype M version laps of the race track. Read that number plate again – it will be called the M8! On the sides are words ‘Too Many Secrets’ which can mean any number of things – a brand new engine or some new tech. Whatever it may be, we can hardly wait for the new 8 Series.