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In the future, our cars will drive themselves and we will have all the time in the world to sit back and relax. Not the perfect world for enthusiasts who prefer to drive, but for a large number of owners, this is just the ideal scenario. In the age of self driving cars, human machine interfaces will take center stage. We’ll be using voice commands to control the car, navigate to our destination and even stream content on the internet straight to the car. Audi is making sure we’re all one step closer to the future. Euro-Tech Motors takes a closer look.

At the recently held Google I/O, Audi presented the Q8 Sport Concept with Android on board as an integrated solution for multimedia entertainment for passengers. Yes Android, the same operating system that powers millions of phones across the globe. While Android Auto is already available, it is rather rudimentary compared to this new system.

Interior with seamless integrated Android.

Audi’s implementation of Android sees the inclusion of the popular streaming service Spotify and Google’s own Play Music app. Also, there’s Google Assistant, by far the best virtual assistant on the market. It can hold a conversation thanks to its contextual understanding of user queries.

But the best bit is that the system runs on Audi’s propriety hardware – the MMI interface and can be accessed using the touch display in the center of the dashboard. And just so that the driver isn’t distracted, the information is also available on the Audi virtual cockpit, within the driver’s field of vision. Android developers can now develop apps specifically for Audi cars to fully exploit the system’s abilities.

Interior with seamless integrated Android.

What interests us however, and Audi isn’t saying anything about it yet, is the voice actuated car control. The Google Assistant already understands voice commands and with autonomous driving around the corner, we may soon be able to spell out our destination and chart a route simply by speaking to the car. In fact you can choose to use Google Maps in the system instead of Audi’s own maps.

Interior with seamless integrated Android.


We can’t wait for the future to arrive soon enough. Can you?